Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mr. Campbell has been certified by Dispute Resolution Services of Tarrant County in Mediation and Family Law Mediation since 1992. He serves as a volunteer Level Two Mediator with DRS (Dispute Resolution Services) and has accepted court appointment as a mediator from numerous courts conducting successful mediation conferences in a broad variety of controversies from multi-party commercial businsess disputes to family law cases involving property division and child related issues.

Because of his training and experience in both mediation and litigation Mr. Campbell is keenly aware of the need to resolve disputes timely and efficiently outside the court house and in a private, confidential and cost effective alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation. Mr. Campbell has represented clients as an advocate in the mediation process which resulted in private and confidential resolutions in hotly contested cases with  significant savings to his clients as opposed to protracted and costly litigation.

While Mr. Campbell is ready to fight for his client in the courtroom, his clients are also aware that effective negotiation at mediation is an alternative that may best serve the client’s interests through a reduction in litigation expense.