Probate and Guardianship

William Campbell’s experience and familiarity with probate and guardianship litigation and administration provides a practical benefit to his clients when faced with contested litigation such as will contests, breach of fiduciary duty cases, power of attorney litigation, and challenges to guardianship matters.  Whether representation is needed for the estate representative, a beneficiary or heir, or proposed ward, Mr. Campbell has the experience and knowledge to provide effective and practical representation for his clients. Specific types of probate litigation cases in which Mr. Campbell provides representation as proponent and opponent are as follows:

  • Will contests and challenges to the validity of a will;
  • Will contests involving lack of capacity and undue influence in the execution of a will;
  • Fiduciary litigation for removal of an executor, administrator, trustee, or guardian;
  • Will construction cases;
  • Cases involving the rights and benefits due a beneficiary of an estate including spouses and children of a decedent; and
  • Contested guardianship cases.

Mr. Campbell experience in the probate courts and knowledge of probate law benefit his clients in the routine probate of will and handling of probate proceedings. This experience is of further benefit to his clients in providing efficient and effective representation in uncontested probate matters which minimize the stress and worry to his clients and often time result in no additional court involvement or supervision over the estate, providing savings to the client of time and money.

Mr. Campbell is conscious of the expense involved in all probate litigation and has confidence in alternative dispute resolution procedures as a way to save time and money for his clients in an appropriate case. By thorough preparation and focusing on the relevant disputed issues from the outset of a case and in advance of mediation, Mr. Campbell provides his clients practical and realistic alternatives through sound negotiation that is intended to save his clients time and money.